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The German insurance system is one of the most complicated in the world. 
Almost all risks can be covered by an appropriate German insurance product, however we know from experience that it is quite confusing and time-consuming for expats to identify and select the right insurance cover for their specific needs.

As independent insurance brokers we enjoy the freedom to analyse and select the best insurance solution cover for our clients amongst more than 120 insurance providers. We can make sure that our clients obtain the best price/performance ratio an insurance can provide while their stay in Germany.

On top of that we stand behind our clients in the case of insurance damage and assist them in claiming their benefits.

Expats In Germany
Last but not least we offer our clients with international multi-location exposure special insurance solutions which provide english wording and global insurance protection.
Insurance For Expats

Insurance For Expats
More Than 10 Years Of Experience

Types Of Insurance

Common types of insurance in Germany

Health Insurance

By law everybody living and working in Germany has to be health-insured by a certified German health insurance provider.
We offer private and public health insurance plans from all known German insurance companies selected for your own needs. There are several important aspects of the German insurance system that have to be considered before taking a decision.

The following scenarios will give an impression which type of health insurance scheme might be suitable:

Employees who live with their families in Germany and have a gross income of less than 57,600 € in 2017:
Only public health insurance (GKV) might be accessible for you, however the wife/husband and all children living in the same household are co-insured are covered as well without additional contribution. The benefit of public insurance comprises basic medical treatment in Germany and EU countries. The employer contributes around half of the premium. However the monthly rate varies with income. The higher the earning the higher the premium.

Self-employed expats and employees earning more than 57.600 € gross income in 2017:
A private health insurance covers high quality medical treatments all over the world and allows free choice of specialist doctors, hospitals, physicians and dentists. However the applicant must be in a good health condition in order to be accepted by the provider. Also for an employee the company contributes 50% of the premium including a contributioni for spouse. The premiums are mostly much more favorable than public insurance despite much better benefits. The monthly rate does not vary with the income, it depends only on the entry age and benefits chosen.

Please note that the mentioned cases show a window of the complex health insurance field. In any case it is highly recommendable to consult a professional insurance broker in order to check upfront insurability and to find the best plan among 120 insurance providers companies and more than 700 different tarifs..

Health Insurance

Legal Assistance Insurance

One of the most important insurances in Germany. It helps you with legal consultation and financial support when having a legal dispute.

As in Germany most of the severe legal problems are solved by court, regardless if there are disagreements with tax authorities, employers, landlords or merchants we strongly recommend to take on a legal insurance.

Especially for an expat, living abroad and experiencing totally different traditions and legal systems from home and not understanding the complicated foreign terminologies.

The legal insurance covers all costs related to expenses for attorneys and court no matter if you win the case or not. If you are self-employed you will need a special coverage for professionals.

Legal Assistance Insurance

Household Insurance

This insurance protects your belongings in your home against damage or burglary. Household policies cover the risks of damages by fire, storm or water and by burglary or vandalism.

It includes your complete furniture, clothes, computers and other valuable items that belong to your personal property.

For enquiries please contact us for an all risk coverage. The costs for this insurance also depend on the size of your home and if you are self-employed and work in your home using one room as your office. In this case it is necessary to insure the office equipment separately.

We strongly recommend to arrange a personal consultation in oder to analyse your individual situation so that we can provide you with the best coverage for your needs.

Household Insurance

Disability Insurance

It entitles you for a monthly disability pension if you suffer from a long term sickness or the effects of an accident.

In case of an accident or severe illness that can cause disablement to work in your present job this insurance covers you with a regular income till you get retired (Age of 67).

The pension wil be paid out even when you take on another job in another area and if you go back to your home country.

Disability Insurance

Liability Insurance

One of the most indispensable insurances. It covers third part claims against you due to damages and injuries.

The liability insurance protects you if you cause by accident or negligence injury to a person or his property. Damages of this kind can be obviously be very high.
For more loads more of money.

Please note that this third-party private liability insurance will not provide cover for car accidents as this risk must be covered by a seperate vehicle car liability insurance, which is obligatory in Germany.

Liability Insurance

Private Accident Insurance

This cover pays out high lump-sum benefits (often between 150.000 and 550.000 €) or a accident pension in case of severe accidents causing long lasting physical disabilities.

This policy helps to offset the long term high financial losses and burdens which arise due to injuries due to an accident and the extra treatment and home adaptation costs which might arise due to the accident.

It may also include: costs for emergeny rescues, cover for some specified illnesses, accidental death payments and livelong accident pensions.

Private Accident Insurance

Company Insurances

Taylor made insurance solutions for international companies founding subsidiaries in Germany. Professional insurance advice for freelancers starting their business in Germany. 

For more detailed information please contact us.

Company Insurances

Cyber Insurances
„Cyber Versicherung“

Due to the introduction of GDPR, the EU privacy protection law called DSGVO - Datenschutzgrundverordnung in Germany, cyber insurance cover is becoming a vital protection against claims from customers in case of hacker attacks. 

Please contact us for further information.

Cyber Insurances

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